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Dr Paresh Vasani

Dr Paresh is practicing since the last 17 yrs. He is well known for his immense

patience and calmness. Treating thousands of patients in India and abroad has
given him great insights into Homoeopathy. He is well known for his supervision
in cases thus helping other Homoeopaths to reach deeper levels of prescriptions.
Clarity in concepts and simplicity in teaching has earned him the regards of
his students in various parts of India and many countries world over. Today
he is a visiting professor in many schools of Homoeopathy abroad.
Teaching since many years has given him in-depth experience of the difficulties
faced by Homoeopaths in their practice. To help them to understand the method,
to make them independent in thinking process, he has developed a unique software
‘VitalQuest’ based on Dr Rajan Sankaran’s teachings. He says,"Developing
VitalQuest helps me to understand the finer aspects of the method which are
necessary to reproduce the results". Today, ‘VitalQuest’ has

earned a reputation as a must tool for practitioners of the Sensation method.

Web Site: www.drvasani.com