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Dr.Shachindra Joshi

A pastel personality, he gets absorbed and engrossed in the interview to give his patients the best .


Dr.Bhawisha Joshi

A vibrant personality, she motivates her patients during the interview and case- studies.


About Drs. Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi of Vile Parle, Mumbai, India, the Dynamic Duo of


  • are internationally acclaimed doctors
  • teach homoeopathy at post-graduate level
  • practice in Vile Parle, a quiet, suburb in north Mumbai (Bombay), India.
  • provide Homoeopathic care to patients from all strata, age groups and parts of the world.
  • patients come to them from countries like England, Germany, Australia , America, Israel,
    Spain, Italy to name a few
  • lead a movement called -"A BETTER YOU", a program which enhances the vigor and quality
    of life among the health conscious and ensures that in times of stress, the best in a human
    being comes forth.
  • have been recognized by the 'Science Museum of London' where their clinical work is on
    display, representing Homoeopathy in India. Pictures of the duo in their clinic & the remedies
    they use have been displayed in the Science & Art section of the Museum.
  • have documented cases of chronic renal failure, asthma, thyroid disorders, pneumonia, PCOD,
    and epileptic seizures which have been taken care of exclusively with Homeopathy. These have
    been regularly monitored pathologically and evaluated by specialists in the respective subjects.
  • have done exceptional work on the remedies from the periodic table,
  • have done pioneering work on the Big Cats
  • have earned themselves the title: the Dynamic Duo of the Homoeopathic world.
  • run video and online courses for students in Canada, Germany, England, Japan, Belgium, Australia, and America. Their lectures are highly appreciated for their simplicity, enthusiasm
    and in-depth analysis. The video-courses comprise illustrative cases and special power-point
    presentations to explain the theoretical aspects of cases. These are especially helpful for
    beginners to grasp the basic concepts. The progress towards more recent and advanced
    concepts is therefore defined and smooth.
  • have a knack of clarifying doubts.
  • have made a name for themselves as teachers par excellence.
  • explain the detailed aspects of every case.
  • bring the Materia Medica alive.
  • make sure the doubts of the each participant are answered.
  • are easy to approach and generous in sharing their knowledge.
  • are involved in active, contemporary research and have introduced new concepts in the field.
  • graduated in Homoeopathy from the best institute in Asia, which is affiliated to the prestigious Bombay University.

Clinical Experience:

Have had an independent practice as Homoeopathic consultants for the last 8 years at Vile
Parle and Kandivli (Mumbai).
Have a satellite practice set up in England.
Have served as honorary doctors at the Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying and Destitute
(at Santacruz, Mumbai,1996-1999).
Are co- founders of and on the Board of "The School of Classical Homoeopathy", Mumbai,
which is involved in imparting quality homeopathic education for fresh graduates in
Homoeopathy from different part of the world (2002 - 2005).
Are educators at the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Maharashtra Chapter, since the past
10 years.
Have worked under the guidance of senior homoeopaths associated with the "Bombay School"
of Homoeopathy, Mumbai.
Have assisted senior Diabetologists & Pediatricians in Mumbai.

The doctors have :

I. Lectured at:

  • The Academy of Classical Homoeopathy, London.
  • The Ontario School of Homoeopathy, Canada.
  • The Institute for Systematic Homoeopathy, Germany.
  • The Homoeopathic Centrum, Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Australian Homoeopathic Association, Brisbane, Australia.
  • C K H, Leuven , Belgium.
  • Brant Medical Corporation, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Several other privately organized seminars and workshops for senior practitioners
    and postgraduate medicos in America, England, Australia & Switzerland.

II Organized:

  • Several lecture series for doctors from various parts of the world since the past 6 years.

    Mega seminars like "Millennium Bombay Seminar 2001", "Bombay Seminar 2002", and
    "Bombay Seminar 2004". Also, "Sun, Sand & Sensation" in Goa, February, 2006. These
    were attended by 1000 doctors from most Indian states and 26 countries including the
    USA, Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Russia .

    Web Site: www.drjoshisclinic.com