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Q – Today, the medical system is ruled by big pharma industries. The drug prices are rising everyday. Drugs are accounting for a major portion of household budget on health. In such a scenario, do we have the resources in homoeopathy to make it a parallel system to treat population at large? Nitish.
A – Dear Nitish – Your question is very valid in today’s scenario. There is increasing commercialization of medical practice.  Cost of health care is going up; patients are losing faith on Doctors. Homoeopathy is fast emerging as one of the leading alternative system of therapy.  There are many advantages of Homoeopathy. Just to name few are:
    1. Treatment of person as a whole (mentally and physically). Emotional improvement and increasing the resistance helps the person in his/her overall health.
    2. Permanently removes the disease.
    3. Cost of the therapy is comparatively very less.
Homoeopathy has the potential to become a parallel system if we have good number of quality Homoeopaths. Skill of perceiving the patient and identifying the correct medicine is prime requirement. Recognizing these needs, our organization, Homoeopathic Research and Charities, have taken up this mission to raise the quality of Homoeopaths and the treatment they offer. We conduct many courses and clinical training at subsidized rates for Indian doctors offering them to improve their skills. By raising the standard of Homoeopath, we will change the various misconception people have in their mind about Homoeopathy and fulfill the role of a parallel system.
– Dr. Paresh Vasani

Q – Hi, I am 61 years old and having diabetes since last 15 years. I have been on allopathic treatment for the duration. I have never been on insulin except for a period of 1 month approx a year back. I am physically fit and have an intense fitness regime. What I should like to know is whether there is either a cure for Diabetes or at least a complete control over sugar levels esp. at my age?
A – Hello, Homoeopathy can really help you control your diabetes. There are cases where we have reduced or completely eliminated the need of allopathic medicines. But for that we need to find out the exact remedy that is required. Two patients having diabetes will have different symptoms and different constitution and so will need different Homoeopathic remedy. Once you start with Homoeopathic medicines, over a period of time your need of allopathic medicines will go down and we need to cut down the doses of allopathic medications. So you must consult a Homoeopath and take treatment under supervision.
– Dr. Paresh Vasani

Q – My name is Pradeep Bhatia. I am suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis. Backbone is totally fused but no pain. Pain and stiffness is increasing in my neck. I can turn my neck 45 degrees left and right only while up and down movement is painful with cricking sound. How do I stop the inflammation in my body which is causing the body to protect itself and deposits calcium on the neck bones to immobilize the infection. I look forward to your remedy so as to maintain what flexibility is in the neck and not have it rigid.
A – Dear Mr Pradeep. Homoeopathy can help your case very well. We need to find out the exact remedy that is required. Two patients having Ankylosing spondylosis will have different symptoms and different constitution and so will need different Homoeopathic remedy. Once you start with Homoeopathic medicines, over a period of time your inflammation will go down and you will see good change. We have seen this happening in cases. So you must consult a Homoeopath and start with the treatment under supervision.
– Dr. Paresh Vasani

Q – In case of continuing with Homoeopathic medicine, if we are advised to give Crocin/ Ibugesic (even SOS), then how should we understand it, that homeopathic medicine is not working?
A – Hello, many times the patient who is taking Homoeopathic treatment develops some acute infection and comes with high fever and other symptoms. In cases of infection, your immunity fights with the infection and this fight is reflected as fever. Homoeopathic medicines stimulate your immune mechanism to fight the infection. Thus you develop better resistance power. Very high fever and body pain etc symptoms may create a lot of physical discomfort and sometimes panic in patients mind (especially in cases of children) To avoid this suffering, we keep a constant watch on patients with acute symptoms and advise them to take Crocin or Ibugesic if fever goes above 102 degree. This reduces their suffering and also gives Homoeopathic remedy some time to act. So how to know that homoeopathic medicines are working and it is not just Crocin which is giving relief? There are some signposts that one should look for to make sure that it is not only Crocin that is working but there is deeper cure with Homoeopathic medicines.
•    Change in main physical complaints.
•    Intensity and frequency of fever, body ache etc. reducing…
•    Patient starts feeling better generally and in energy. His appetite etc. returns.
•    Blood investigations reveal the reversal of pathology.
Patients with acute complaints need constant supervision and we advise patient to call up frequently as needed.
– Dr. Paresh Vasani