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Q – Why does homoeopathy bring out the problem more acutely before curing it?
A – In my 30 years of experience in homoeopathic practice I have very rarely seen this phenomenon happening. Mostly what happens is a gentle cure. It is a myth that homoeopathy will aggravate every condition before curing it. This is not true. It brings about a cure of the whole being. The only exception is if there had been an untreated skin condition in the past which was being treated by local application of steroids, then when you discontinue the steroids, the skin condition flares up, which looks like due to administration of the homoeopathic medicine but actually it is due to discontinuation of the steroids. Also if the patient is suffering from a deeper condition of asthma and has had a history of old skin complaint, then as the asthma is getting better, the old skin complaint may come up. This is the body’s way of showing that the immunity is improving and that it is re-locating the seat of disease from more important organ (respiratory system) to less important organ (like skin). Therefore nobody needs to be frightened about any homoeopathic aggravation after the administration of a homoeopathic remedy.
– Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Q – Diagnostic skills of homoeopaths are important. How do you know which homoeopath knows how to diagnose which medicine will fit the patients symptoms and personality?
A – It is true that the skill of the homoeopath is of importance in the treatment and therefore the patient needs to choose the homoeopath wisely and go to someone who takes a proper case history, has time for the patient and gives a single remedy to treat the patient as a whole rather than give local treatment, giving importance to all the features of the patient including his state of mind.  Generally if the patient will give a proper case history, a reasonably good homoeopath can give a remedy which is may not be exact but is closely similar for the patient at that given time. Also in acute’s the homeopath would give a remedy and evaluate how the patient is doing and if he doesn’t find adequate response then he will re-evaluate the case and give the appropriate remedy.
– Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Q – Do you allow your patients to get them vaccinated? How do you explain them to not to allow them to take it if in case you don’t allow it?
A – I do not allow or disallow my patients for vaccination. I only explain to them pros and cons for vaccination and refer them to suitable literature so that they can take an informed choice. However I have seen that when I explain to them about the vaccinations, their side effects and when they weigh their pros and cons on vaccinations, most of them do come to the conclusion that vaccination is not desirable. There are some reference books useful to read on vaccines. They are:
VACCINATION, the Medical Assault on the Immune System by Viera Scheiner Ph.D
– Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Q – Does it mean that all the homoeopaths are on the middle line and not on the extremes?
A – Homoeopaths are human beings too and they have their own states of being, their fears and their illnesses etc. but while doing the patients case they put themselves in the background and kind of disappear from the scene while objectively being with the patient and his state of being. And with training they see their own perceptions and thoughts do not interfere in objective view of the patient.
– Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Q – How different concentration of medicine affects differently in Homoeopathy?
A – These concentrated medicines are called potencies. The ultra dilutions are prepared in a particular way of serial dilution from 0 to 5000,000 and dynamisation where the power of the medicine increases while the toxic effects reduce. There is a range of potencies available. The potency is chosen in accordance to the presenting complaints of the patient. If the presenting symptoms are local and few generals, a lower potency is selected. And as the symptoms are more refined in generals, causations or modalities the potency selected would be higher. Depending on the disease state of the patient the homoeopath uses his skill to select the potency most suitable for the patient at that given moment.
– Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Q – My neighbor’s both Kidneys are not functioning at present. He is taking twice dialysis and attending office. He is a bachelor age 27 years from Middle class family. Is there any remedy in Homoeopathy?
A – It looks like a case of Chronic Renal Failure. These cases mean that there is a lot of damage done to the kidneys which is generally irreparable. It would definitely be worth to take Homoeopathy for such a patient. The treatment would improve the general immunity of the patient and further damage to the kidneys could be halted and probably the pathology could be reversed. To what extent it is difficult to say at the moment.
– Dr. Rajan Sankaran