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Q – Could you please throw some light on role of homoeopathy as a treatment of choice in developmental disabilities/ childhood disorders E.g.: Cerebral Palsy/ Autism/ Learning disabilities/ Dyspraxia? Dr. Dhwani Sheth, Paediatic Occupational Therapist.
A – I get many children with developmental disabilities, autism and learning disabilities who respond extremely well to homeopathic treatment. In fact I believe that there is treatment for such disorders only in homoeopathy. I have also excellent results with delayed speech, ADHD, enuresis, attachment disorders and conduct disorders. Homoeopathy also helps in reducing certain personality traits such as excessive shyness, stubbornness, rebelliousness, jealousy, etc.
– Dr. Mahesh Gandhi(M.D Psychiatry)

Q – How homoeopathy treats anxiety? Can anxiety be a cause for high B.P?
A – Anxiety Disorder can be treated with Homoeopathy with excellent results. In people with Anxiety disorder, worry about any situation is often unrealistic or out of proportion to the situation and this in turn can lead to many physical and mental symptoms like High Blood Pressure, Irritability, Headaches, Muscle spasms, Sweating, Difficulty in concentration, Tiredness, Frequent Urination, Sleeplessness or excessive sleepiness, Trembling, Startling, etc. Homoeopathy takes into consideration of the whole personality of the patient and thereby can treat various personality traits such as anxiety, excessive anger, etc. so that the reaction of the person is appropriate to the situation.
– Dr. Mahesh Gandhi

Q – Is this normal for a child to talk in sleep about his daily routine?
A – Yes it is normal for many growing children to talk in their sleep about their daily activities. There is a lot of excitement in them and these dreams often result in them talking, laughing, crying, etc. Unless there are nightmares or sleepwalking where the child can be in danger – talking in sleep can be ignored as something quiet common and normal in children.
– Dr. Mahesh Gandhi