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Q – Does homoeopathy have a treatment for all the diseases like fracture, renal failure (dialysis)?

A – Homoeopathy offers immense relief in symptoms in patients suffering from terminal illnesses or irreversible pathologies like kidney damage where dialysis is needed .In case of fractures; homeopathic pills taken internally help in healing of the bones and to strengthen them along with reducing any pain and inflammation of the affected soft tissue area. The plaster or splint helps to keep the bones in the right position and give it rest but it does not help in healing .The body heals itself but at this time along with the plaster homeopathic medicines taken help in reducing pain and in hastening the process of healing of the bone in its true sense.

Q – How do you get the information (special, peculiar symptoms) from a child?

A – In children we usually observe every move and behavior of the child keenly and carefully. In case of infants and toddlers the observation of the homeopath and the mother are most crucial. In older children (by age of 5 onwards), we speak to the child and find out the individual nature of each child. This is done by talking to the child about his fantasies, his favorite stories, cartoons, characters, things he gets scared of, dreams, etc. We also ask every child to draw whatever they would like to during the consultation. The drawings do not have to be meaningful but everything the child tries to draw or color or scribble is observed. The mothers’ history during her pregnancy is also inquired into. The mother and father are interviewed if needed to understand their personalities and character traits because children very often have traits common with their parents. All this is studied in detail to find the exact personality and peculiar nature of each child.

Q – I am basically a fairly healthy person. I am 67 years old, suddenly out of the blue this thought comes to my mind that “I am a healthy person and I don’t fall ill”. Then I know I am going to have some health problems soon and usually have some minor health issue. Can you explain that? Kamini.

A – Dear Ms. Kamini, There are two parts to the answer to your question. Very often the mind knows or gives you a hint before something is going to happen. You could call it premonitions or whatever. But the sensitive person usually picks up these hints dropped subtly by the subconscious mind. This sensitive nature of yours is a peculiar part of your personality.